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Spatializing Children’s Rights: A Comparison of Two Case Studies from Urban IndiaWridt, Pamela;
Atmakur-Javdekar, Sruthi;
Hart, Roger
“All we want are toilets inside our homes!” The critical role of sanitation in the lives of urban poor adolescent girls in Bengaluru, IndiaNallari, Anupama2015
“Life Trajectories of Youth Committing to Climate ActivismFisher, Scott 2015
Steps to Engaging Young Children in ResearchJohnson, Vicky;
Hart, Roger;
Colwell, Jennifer
Participatory Mapping Approaches to Coordinate the Emergency Response of Spontaneous Volunteers After Hurricane SandyWridt, Pamela;
Seley, John;
Fisher, Scott;
DuBois, Bryce
Key Thinkers in Childhood StudiesSmith, Carmel;
Greene, Sheila
Book Review of “Children, Citizenship, and Environment: Nurturing a Democratic Imagination in a Changing World” by Bronwyn HaywardFisher, Scott2014
Beyond Projects: Involving Children in Community Governance as a Fundamental Strategy for Facing Climate ChangeHart, Roger;
Fisher, Scott;
Kimiagar, Bijan
Playgrounds of InclusionAtmakur, Sruthi 2013
How far have we come with youth governance?Tang, Jennifer 2011
Capital, capacities and collaboration: The multiple roles of community savings in addressing urban povertyMitlin, Diana;
Bartlett, Sheridan;
Satterthwaite, David
Planning Cities with Children in Mind: Working paper for UNICEF's State of the World’s Children ReportHart, Roger2011
The role of the geographical imagination in young people’s political engagementHung, Yvonne2011
A qualitative GIS approach to mapping urban neighborhoods with children to promote physical activity and child-friendly community planningWridt, Pamela2010
Urban children: Discussion of UNICEF programme directionsBartlett, Sheridan 2010
uMAP! An educational resource on how to conduct participatory community mapping with children and youth to create social and environmental changeWridt, Pamela2009
Children in the context of climate change: A large and vulnerable populationBartlett, Sheridan2009
Charting Change in the Participatory Settings of ChildhoodHart, Roger2009
Environments of Poverty and What They Mean for Child ProtectionBartlett, Sheridan2009
After the tsunami in Cooks Nagar: The challenges of participatory rebuildingBartlett, Sheridan2008
The impacts of climate change for children in poor urban areasBartlett, Sheridan2008
The implications of climate change for children in lower-income countriesBartlett, Sheridan2008
Finding Hope in Troubled Times: Education and Protection for Children in NepalBartlett, Sheridan2007
Creating child friendly cities: the case of Denver, USAKingston, B.;
Wridt, Pamela;
Chawla, Louise;
van Vliet, W.;
Brink, L.
Making Space for Children: Planning for Post-disaster Reconstruction with Children and their FamiliesBartlett, Sheridan;
Iltus, Selim
Re-Thinking the Boundaries of Civic Participation by Children and Youth in North AmericaCahill, Caitlin;
Hart, Roger
The Rights of Children and Youth to ParticipateHart, Roger2006
Bridging the Gap: Save the Children’s Transitional Housing Project After the Tsunami in Ampara district, Sri LankaBartlett, Sheridan2006
An alternative model for responding to children in poverty: the work of the Alliance in Mumbai and other citiesBartlett, Sheridan2005
Good governance – Making age a part of the equationBartlett, Sheridan2005
Everyone Counts: Dalit Children and EducationBartlett, Sheridan;
Pradhananga, U.;
Sapkota, P.;
Thapa, N.
East New York Farms: Youth Participation in Community Development and Urban AgricultureHung, Yvonne2004
An historical analysis of young people’s use of public space, parks and playgrounds in New York CityWridt, Pamela2004
Block PoliticsWridt, Pamela2004
Childhoods in Place and Placeless Childhoods: An Historical Geography of Young People In Yorkville and East Harlem 1940-2000Wridt, Pamela2004
The Neighborhood Atlas Project: An example of participatory action research in geography educationWridt, Pamela2003
Containing children: some lessons on planning for play from New York CityHart, Roger2003
Water, sanitation and urban children: The need to go beyond “improved” provisionBartlett, Sheridan2003
Roger Hart on Colin Ward and Tony Fyson, in First Steps: A Primer on the Geographies of Children's YouthHart, Roger2003
Building better cities with children and youthBartlett, Sheridan2002
Poverty and exclusion among urban childrenBartlett, Sheridan;
Satterthwaite, David
The problem of children’s injuries in low-income countriesBartlett, Sheridan2002
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Reporting System and the Physical EnvironmentBartlett, Sheridan2002, Sheridan2002
Children’s Rights and the Physical EnvironmentBartlett, Sheridan2001
Conversations with Families to Prepare for Early Childhood ProgrammingBartlett, Sheridan;
Arnold, Caroline;
Hill, Joanna
Children and development assistance: The need to reorient priorities and programmesBartlett, Sheridan2001
Bringing up Children in a Changing World: Conversations with Parents in Nepal, KathmanduBartlett, Sheridan;
Arnold, Caroline;
Khatiwada, Chandrika;
Sapkota, Pashupati;
Hill, Joanna
The influence of environmental exploration on geographic performance among adolescents: A gender and cross-cultural analysisWridt, Pamela;
Boehm, Richard
Children’s experience of the physical environment in poor urban settlements and the implications for policy, planning and practiceBartlett, Sheridan1999
The worlds of girls and boys: geographic experience and informal learningWridt, Pamela1999
No place to play: Implications for the interaction of parents and childrenBartlett, Sheridan1997
Interpreting the Participation Articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. La Convencion de los DerechosHart, Roger1996
Child and Youth Development Through Community Participation: A Review of Psychological Literature on the Benefits of Community Participation and Children’s Developing Capacities to ParticipateHart, Roger; Daiute, Colette; Iltus, Selim; Kritt, David; Rome, Michaela; Sabo, Kim1996
Children's Rights and Habitat: Working Toward Child-Friendly CitiesUNICEF;
The Youth Participation Pilot SurveyBreitbart, Myrna; Iltus, Selim; Hart, Roger1995
Affection for Nature and the Promotion of Stewardship in ChildhoodHart, Roger1995
Children as the Makers of a New GeographyHart, Roger1995
The Roots of Environmental ConcernHart, Roger;
Chawla, Louise
Learning Through GardeningHart, Roger;
Chawla, Louise
Parental ideologies in the home safety management of one to four-year-old childrenIltus, Selim1994
Action Research: The Critical Role of Children's Environmental Education in Community-based Sustainable DevelopmentHart, Roger1993
A Study of an Urban Community and Its Children, 1890-1991Gaster, Sandy1993
Children's Participation: From Tokenism to CitizenshipHart, Roger1992
Children’s Participation in Health Care Facility DesignHart, Roger1992
The Roots of Environmental ConcernHart, Roger;
Chawla, Louise
The Changing City of ChildhoodHart, Roger1987
Children's Geographies and the Geography of ChildrenHart, Roger1982
Wildlands for Children: Consideration of the Value of Natural Environments in Landscape PlanningHart, Roger1982
The Development of Children's Concern for the EnvironmentHart, Roger;
Chawla, Louise
Children's Experience of PlaceHart, Roger1979


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