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Finding Hope in Troubled Times

This manuscript reports on research centered on education in times of conflict in Nepal. It addresses a number of questions relevant to children, parents, and communities about education in Nepal, including school management, discipline, teaching, and discrimination. The report concludes with a number of recommendations for both programming and advocacy. The report is organized in … Continue Reading ››

Bringing up Children in a Changing World: Conversations with Parents in Nepal, Kathmandu

Child-rearing studies – systematic descriptions and analyses of how a culture raises its children — are few and far between. Those which look at indigenous child-rearing with a sympathetic eye are even more unusual. And those that do all of this within a framework of child rights are virtually unknown. This book on child-rearing practices … Continue Reading ››

Conversations with Families to Prepare for Early Childhood Programming

This handbook builds on the experience of a research project in Nepal - a qualitative investigation into child rearing practices and beliefs in four rural communities which took place in 1999 and which has been documented in a report entitled Bringing up Children in a Changing World. This study was undertaken as part of an … Continue Reading ››