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Children’s Rights and Habitat: Working Toward Child-Friendly Cities

In Nairobi in 1995, during the second preparatory meeting for the international United Nations Habitat II conference, delegates recognizes that they had been giving insufficient attention in their agenda to the special needs of children for sage, secure and healthy living conditions. A child caucus, composed mainly of non-governmental organizations with Plan International in … Continue Reading ››

The Youth Participation Pilot Survey

This study is designed as part of a larger research agenda by the Children and the Environment Program. Its purpose is to understand the way children and youth are involved, and could be involved, in programs that foster their genuine participation in community environmental initiatives. it is a pilot survey of a select groups of … Continue Reading ››

Child and Youth Development Through Community Participation: A Review of Psychological Literature on the Benefits of Community Participation and Children’s Developing Capacities to Participate

Very instructive for this Initiative was the review of the psychological literature on Children's developing capacities to participate, and on the benefits of participation. This work establishes that providing opportunities for young people to engage in action research and other forms of exploration and of self-expression, has positive effects for them and their communities. Benefits … Continue Reading ››

Making Space for Children: Planning for Post-disaster Reconstruction with Children and their Families

This handbook aims at contributing to disaster response reconstruction programmes that not only rebuild the physical living environment but that strengthen the capacity of communities to regain control of their own lives, with a focus on their children's present and future well-being. It considers the Why, What, and How of planning for post-disaster reconstruction with … Continue Reading ››