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PlayFreeNYC: Free screening of The Land and discussion with play:groundNYC members

PlayFreeNYC: Free screening of The Land and discussion with play:groundNYC members play:groundNYC, a non-profit that is planning to open an adventure playground in May on Governors Island, is hosting a free screening of The Land, a short film by Erin Davis that depicts an adventure playground in invites both the curious and … Continue Reading ››

Spatializing Children’s Rights: A Comparison of Two Case Studies from Urban India

This article presents a child rights-based, participatory and intergenerational assessment and planning methodology that empowers communities to collect, analyze, and act upon data summarizing the opinions and experiences of children, adolescents and parents to influence local development processes at different scales of change. The article critically reflects upon two case studies of this methodology as … Continue Reading ››

“In Search of Adventure” – Adventure Playground Panel

CERG event - 5 March 2015 “In Search of Adventure”: Towards an adventure playground in New York City. Panel Speakers A Brief History of Adventure Playgrounds in the Anglo-American Context Reilly Bergin Wilson, Environmental Psychology, The Graduate Center Hands-on-nature ANARCHY ZONE in Ithaca, NY Rusty Keeler, EarthPlay Play:ground: Enabling adventure in NYC Alexander Khost and Eve Mosher, Continue Reading ››

Containing children: some lessons on planning for play from New York City

This paper relates the history of playground provision in New York to changing conceptions of childhood, and specifically to a felt need to ’contain’ children in order to keep them off the streets, safe from traffic and unsavoury influences – a trend that children have tended to resist. Playgrounds most … Continue Reading ››

Planning Cities with Children in Mind

This essay reaches into the complex issues of urban growth to ask how we can insert a better understanding of children’s needs and perspectives into the governance, planning and management of cities. The issue of how cities develop has distinct and serious implications for children. Children are more vulnerable to many of the hazards of … Continue Reading ››

Playgrounds of Inclusion

When children play, they are learning – developing the capacities of their bodies, exploring the material world around them and navigating the complexities of social interaction. Play contributes to children’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development, and participation in play is enshrined as a right of all children in article 31 of the Convention on … Continue Reading ››

No place to play: Implications for the interaction of parents and children

A disproportionate number of impoverished families live in housing which does not allow easy access to safe outdoor play. This paper uses Bowlby’s theory of attachment as a framework for considering the implications of a lack of outdoor access for parental strategies and for the interaction of parents and children. The situation of … Continue Reading ››