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Children’s Geographies and the Geography of Children

Whether geographical behavior begins with a baby's first exploration of its own body, its spatial experiments in coping for its mover's attending, or when it first crawls away from the "nest", it must surely be agree that human geography beings in children. Why then has so little been written b our profession on the geography … Continue Reading ››

Childhoods in Place and Placeless Childhoods: An Historical Geography of Young People In Yorkville and East Harlem 1940-2000

This dissertation provides an analysis of how young people’s everyday lives outside of school in Yorkville and East Harlem have changed from the 1940s until present time, and what factors contribute to consistencies or differences in young people’s use and experience of their local environment. This research seeks to contribute to … Continue Reading ››

Block politics

This paper explores how young people have experienced everyday life on ‘the block’ in a racially diverse lower to working class community in New York City over time, a concept that I refer to as block politics. Broadly defined, block politics refers to the process in which young people's territories are socially conceived, … Continue Reading ››

Charting Change in the Participatory Settings of Childhood

In this chapter Hart argues that the emphasis on children's decision making with adults and consultation with adults in formal settings is a much too narrow view of children's social participation for citizenship. Instead, a new vision of children's social participation in the settings of their daily lives, from peer and family interactions and decision-making … Continue Reading ››

The Development of Children’s Concern for the Environment

In a first step to construct a model of the development of an environmental concern, literature is reviewed regarding children's understanding of environmental processes, their motivations for engagement with the physical world, and their moral development. Political socialization, which hear upon their likelihood of taking action, is also reviewed. Connections between development in these fields … Continue Reading ››