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Spatializing Children’s Rights: A Comparison of Two Case Studies from Urban India

This article presents a child rights-based, participatory and intergenerational assessment and planning methodology that empowers communities to collect, analyze, and act upon data summarizing the opinions and experiences of children, adolescents and parents to influence local development processes at different scales of change. The article critically reflects upon two case studies of this methodology as … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Rights and Habitat: Working Toward Child-Friendly Cities

In Nairobi in 1995, during the second preparatory meeting for the international United Nations Habitat II conference, delegates recognizes that they had been giving insufficient attention in their agenda to the special needs of children for sage, secure and healthy living conditions. A child caucus, composed mainly of non-governmental organizations with Plan International in … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Participation in Health Care Facility Design

Health care facility planners and designers, like professionals in any other fields have not often recognized the valuable contributions children can make to their work. There are, however, some special reasons that make child participation in health facility design particularly important. First, child health care facilities are, even more than any other environment, adult-controlled. The … Continue Reading ››

Bridging the Gap: Save the Children’s Transitional Housing Project After the Tsunami in Ampara district, Sri Lanka

This report documents the housing process that Save the Children and its partners developed in the district of Ampara, Sri Lanka after the tsunami. The houses involved were transitional shelters, designed to bridge the … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Participation

Children's Participation Children's Participation: The Theory and Practice of Involving Young Citizens in Community Development and Environmental CareRoger Hart; Earthscan Publications Ltd. 1997Continue Reading ››