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Roger Hart on Colin Ward and Tony Fyson, in First Steps: A Primer on the Geographies of Children’s Youth

After completing a PhD on the geography of children in the mid 1970’s I was looking for a useful way to continue this work. A quietly radical couple of fellows housed in the education unit of the Town and Country Planning Association in London pointed me in the right direction - Colin Ward, anarchist and writer with experience in architecture and teaching, and … Continue Reading ››

Good governance – Making age a part of the equation

There has been a fair amount of confusion about the focus of this issue of CYE—both about the concept of “governance” (“Why don’t you just say ‘government’?”), and about how we are relating it to children (“Why are you having two issues on participation in one year?”). Some explanation is in order here. The words … Continue Reading ››

Charting Change in the Participatory Settings of Childhood

In this chapter Hart argues that the emphasis on children's decision making with adults and consultation with adults in formal settings is a much too narrow view of children's social participation for citizenship. Instead, a new vision of children's social participation in the settings of their daily lives, from peer and family interactions and decision-making … Continue Reading ››

How far have we come with youth governance?

Children have agency. Recognising this, those promoting children’s rights advocate for their participation in the governance of their communities. How children and youth are engaged in governance activities takes different forms – with various degrees of success. Programmes and projects that promote children’s and youth’s engagement in governance (or CYEG) often come from a commitment to … Continue Reading ››

After the tsunami in Cooks Nagar: The challenges of participatory rebuilding

In the context of post-disaster reconstruction, there is growing awareness of the need for more integrated inclusive processes that allow people to retake control of their lives, and that ensure practical responses to local conditions. Yet, a range of pressures and challenges conspire to make these approaches appear unworkable. “Participation” in this context, if it happens … Continue Reading ››

Re-Thinking the Boundaries of Civic Participation by Children and Youth in North America

In this introduction to the special issue on children's participation, Cahill and Hart address issues raised by the collected papers and identify new questions for further engagement, rather than offer a general overview of the field. These questions include What is the context for participation? What does it mean to “participate”? Why have children been excluded from … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Participation

Children's Participation Children's Participation: The Theory and Practice of Involving Young Citizens in Community Development and Environmental CareRoger Hart; Earthscan Publications Ltd. 1997Continue Reading ››

Beyond Projects

This article argues for the importance of including children in community governance for addressing climate change as an alternative to short-term, one-off projects. It addresses key issues for involving children in community governance for sustainability, such as why and how children should be involved, and highlights a number of examples of children's participation in community … Continue Reading ››