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CERG Members Contribute to the Working the Group on Youth Governance Indicators

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be monitored in a way that both captures the experiences and views of youth and includes young people in processes that hold governments to account for these global commitments. The Working Group on Youth-Inclusive Governance Indicators has identified a list of national- level indicators and methods for monitoring Goal 16 Targets … Continue Reading ››

The role of the geographical imagination in young people’s political engagement

This paper provides new insights into the ways in which urban youth draw upon and reference spatial concepts over the course of their participation in activism and organizing. The concept of the geographical imagination is the starting point from which to explore how young people’s understanding of places near and far affects their political engagement. … Continue Reading ››

Life Trajectories of Youth Committing to Climate Activism

This article draws from a study investigating the life trajectories of 17 youth climate activists from 14 countries through semi-structured, life memory interviews using Internet-based methods. The interpretations of the interviews focus on the ways in which participants constructed the meanings and functions of experiences and how they represented the nature of the process of … Continue Reading ››

Jennifer Tang invited to speak at the UNDPI-NGO briefing on the 25th Anniversary of the CRC

On November 20th, 2014, CERG Research Associate Jennifer Tang was invited to speak at the UN Department of Public Information NGO briefing celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The event featured International experts, youth activists, and performances by children on the theme "Have you heard us? Children's voices … Continue Reading ››

The Youth Participation Pilot Survey

This study is designed as part of a larger research agenda by the Children and the Environment Program. Its purpose is to understand the way children and youth are involved, and could be involved, in programs that foster their genuine participation in community environmental initiatives. it is a pilot survey of a select groups of … Continue Reading ››

A Review of “Children, Citizenship, and Environment: Nurturing a Democratic Imagination in a Changing World” by Bronwyn Hayward

Click here to preview Title: A Review of “Children, Citizenship, and Environment: Nurturing a Democratic Imagination in a Changing World” by Bronwyn Hayward. New York, NY: Routledge, 2012, 208 pages. ISBN: 978-1-84971-437-2 ($44.94, paperback). Author: Scott Fisher Publication Date: 2014 Publisher: Journal of Environmental Education, Volume 45, Issue 4  

Children’s Participation: From Tokenism to Citizenship

A nation is democratic to the extent that its citizens are involved, particularly at the community level. The confi- dence and competence to be involved must be gradually acquired through practice. It is for this reason that there should be gradually increasing opportunities for children to participate in any … Continue Reading ››

Child and Youth Development Through Community Participation: A Review of Psychological Literature on the Benefits of Community Participation and Children’s Developing Capacities to Participate

Very instructive for this Initiative was the review of the psychological literature on Children's developing capacities to participate, and on the benefits of participation. This work establishes that providing opportunities for young people to engage in action research and other forms of exploration and of self-expression, has positive effects for them and their communities. Benefits … Continue Reading ››