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The Youth Participation Pilot Survey

This study is designed as part of a larger research agenda by the Children and the Environment Program. Its purpose is to understand the way children and youth are involved, and could be involved, in programs that foster their genuine participation in community environmental initiatives. it is a pilot survey of a select groups of … Continue Reading ››

The Roots of Environmental Concern

This paper is a fist stage in the construction of a model of the development of children's concern for the physical environment. To explore this process of development, it will consider sources of environmental knowledge and emotional investment, and some model of the origins of environmental knowledge, emotion and action will be applied to suggest … Continue Reading ››

Children as the Makers of a New Geography

We cannot rely upon the traditional approach of social science which observes children's live and reports it to policy makes in the hope that they will improve children's conditions. We need now  more radial social science research with children in which children themselves learn to reflect upon their own conditions, so that they can gradually … Continue Reading ››

Affection for Nature and the Promotion of Stewardship in Childhood

The environmental education of children is being promoted as essential to the establishment of a citizenry which is more caring toward the environment. But education will not be enough. In this essay I will argue that deep, lasting concern of the natural world must come from a genuine affection for it, and how this affection … Continue Reading ››