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Wildlands for Children: Consideration of the Value of Natural Environments in Landscape Planning

Landscapes are, in part, expressions of culture and they serve a support for the continuance of particular cultures or subcultures. When one looks closely at variations in landscapes and their different impacts upon chil- dren it becomes clear that they serve as important tools in the socialization of children, though neither parents or planners are … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Geographies and the Geography of Children

Whether geographical behavior begins with a baby's first exploration of its own body, its spatial experiments in coping for its mover's attending, or when it first crawls away from the "nest", it must surely be agree that human geography beings in children. Why then has so little been written b our profession on the geography … Continue Reading ››

The Development of Children’s Concern for the Environment

In a first step to construct a model of the development of an environmental concern, literature is reviewed regarding children's understanding of environmental processes, their motivations for engagement with the physical world, and their moral development. Political socialization, which hear upon their likelihood of taking action, is also reviewed. Connections between development in these fields … Continue Reading ››