Children’s Geographies and the Geography of Children

Whether geographical behavior begins with a baby’s first exploration of its own body, its spatial experiments in coping for its mover’s attending, or when it first crawls away from the “nest”, it must surely be agree that human geography beings in children. Why then has so little been written b our profession on the geography of children? Clearly research questions in relation to them have been considered trivial. Children have until recent year been ignored as a suitable population for basic research, leaving them to that small, and rather isolated, branch of geography called geographic education. This is an error, for our greatest period of geographical exploration and learning is that found in each of us, in our childhood. This paper is designed to illustrate some of the developments in the study of children since the beginning of “behavioral geography” approximately fifteen years ago.

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Title:  Children’s Geographies and the Geography of Children

Author(s): Roger Hart

Publication Date: 1982

Publisher: In  T. Saarinen, J. Szell and D. Seamon (Eds.).  Behavioral Geography:  Inventory and Prospect.  University of Chicago monographs in Geography