The implications of climate change for children in lower-income countries

This article provides a brief overview of the implications for children of climate change—both of extreme weather events and more gradual changes, along with the adaptations likely to be made at various levels. Because data on the impacts of climate change tend not to be disaggregated by sub-population or by age, there is insufficient knowledge to present a comprehensive picture of the impacts for this
age group. Instead, this paper extrapolates from existing knowledge in a number of related areas to present a picture of the probable implications for children’s health, safety, and long-term well being, especially in lower-income countries and communities that are at highest risk from climate change. The article stresses not
only children’s vulnerability, but also their resilience and their capacity as active agents to play a role in addressing the challenges they confront related to climate change.

Title: The implications of climate change for children in lower-income countries

Author(s): Sheridan Bartlett

Publication year: 2008

Publisher: Children, Youth and Environments

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